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Narrative. Collaborative. Original.

To understand the complexity in the craft of each Loloi Rug, one must transport themselves back hundreds of years, where the time honored tradition of hand crafted rugs has preserved through generations. Loloi Rugs wishes to indulge their consumer in more than just a beautiful design: they want to share the story behind it, creating a connection from product to consumer and giving visibility to the artisan.

Loloi Rug’s creative process begins alongside the artisan. Traveling through India’s countryside, founder Amir Loloi visits with the artisans in their factories, discussing trade, color, and design possibilities. Separated by miles, each shop specializes in different aspects of production; Amir visits with as many as possible. These conversations translate into the design of each rug.

To experience a Loloi Rug is to experience the tradition and knowledge of the artisans themselves.

Loloi's Beginnings

Loloi Rugs began their journey eleven years ago with a purpose: to craft the most distinctive rugs on the market.

“Loloi didn’t set out to become just another rug company, not even the biggest. Instead, we wanted to be pioneers, to design and handcraft the world’s most original rugs.”

With a strong understanding of design and detail, the small Dallas team began building their company with a commitment to craft.

Now, with hundreds of employees, their commitment to such still stands true. Sharing this craft on a global scale, the company has expanded their repertoire into the hundreds and has built a group of designers, dealers, and craftsmen who share their vision of uncompromising originality.

"These communities have been doing this for generations and have a deep sense of pride in their craft. Without them, none of this is possible"

-Amir Loloi, Loloi Founder

A Cherished Process

While Loloi is a leader in modern design, the process to create their rugs is anything but. Instead of machines, there are looms, and the building is filled with natural light. Loloi cherishes the time it takes to create each rug, for they know the final product will be appreciated for many years.

Every step of the rug making process is done by hand. For the artists, rug weaving is more than a livelihood: they are proudly carrying out their family’s legacy. Loloi’s designs begin as a blank canvas that are brought to life by these skilled artisans.

With each knot, the artisans are sharing their story with the world.

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