Gold Leaf Design Group

Gold Leaf Design Group

Contemporary. Collaborative. Natural.

The inspiration begins with nature.

In a world of fast-paced, technology-fueled thinking, Gold Leaf Design Group places extra importance on the value of hand-worked and natural design.

As a cultivated group of designers, horticulturists, painters, and carpenters, this interior design company uses their gathered knowledge to incorporate natural form into the contemporary home. They are committed to the continuous introduction of inspiring design while contributing to the preservation of the natural resources they utilize.

Sustainable and Cutting-Edge Design

Exploring what can be created with a wide range of materials, Gold Leaf Design Group finds new ways to design the traditional and unique ways to introduce new materials. Their multi-talented team allows for a harmonious transition from vision to execution.

Following a sustainable practice, Gold Leaf Design Group sources material with an environmental focus, be it sustainable, reclaimed, or re-purposed.

They are perceptive of the impact individuals have on a wide scale and are committed to creating cutting edge design backed by positive production.

"We challenge the ordinary way of thinking in our design and processes. We naturally inspire excitement and creativity."

On a Global Scale

Gold Leaf Design Group has taken their years of design expertise to develop a strong international presence, with installations showcased in hotels, airports, and resorts around the world.

Their creativity and unique blend of natural and modern design have allowed them to become a prominent and trusted design group.

Whether looking to decorate a new home or new business, the ready to purchase design pieces makes it easy to incorporate the atmosphere of organic relaxation and warm sophistication that Gold Leaf has become known for.

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