Eleven Design Studio

Eleven Design Studio

Colorful. Modern. Artistic.

Eleven Design Studio is diverged into two lines of business; the first provides architectural and interior design services, and the second develops colorful home accessories that bring life to working and living spaces. Their seamless incorporation of euphoric colors into modern design capture attention immediately. Easy to display and rearrange, Eleven Design Studio curates colorful home accessories that stand out in the market.

Twoolies Collection

Twoolies are wool animal sculptures with an artistic personality that stimulate thoughts and emotions in your living space. They are designed by architect Sindy Posso and Mayan artists, combining modern and trendy concepts with ancestral native designs.

Every piece features a unique combination of textures, colors and patterns that make it truly one of a kind.

There are simply no two twoolies alike. As decorative objects, Twoolies can be used as both children’s toys and home accents. Twoolies have both whim and sophistication, capturing the admiration of children and adults alike.

Created by architect and interior designer Sindy Posso in 2008, this exclusive line is entirely designed, developed, and manufactured by Eleven Design Studio. Following in the path of Eleven Design’s interior design style, Twoolies combine artistry and personality to make a colorful statement.

"The company´s principle is to continuously search, promote and develop distinctive art and design skills that translate into unique and trendy products."

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