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Daniel Bellow Porcelain

Shimmering. Fluid. Immaculate.

Things that are made by hand have a life of their own, a spirit, that machine made objects, no matter how well designed, cannot hope to match. The artist has time to form a connection with each piece, a bond that makes each product personal. Daniel Bellow Pottery is a collection of such pieces, each unique and crafted individually. Subtle colors and natural shapes make up his repertoire, each made by hand on the potter’s wheel, one piece at a time.

 Handmade porcelain
 Handmade porcelain


Daniel's character is reflected in every piece he creates. His soulful creations come to life in a 19th century carriage barn in the Berkshire Hills of Massachusetts, using clay that has washed down from mountaintops into stream beds over millions of years of rainy days. Daniel measures the pots with his fingers and adjusts the kiln according to the sound of the burners and the color of the flame. For this reason, variation in size, shape, and color is to be expected: and valued.

The delicate variation of each piece, when set next to one another, gives the collection character and an overall sense of artistry.

“Belloware”, as Daniel calls it, is non-toxic, dishwasher safe, and with proper care will last for hundreds of years.


“My pots look sexiest when they’re still wet. I look for glaze and firing techniques that bring them back to that state of bliss. This year I’ve simplified my glaze palette to black, white and black and white, all done with the same two simple glazes.”

-Daniel Bellow

Handmade porcelain
Handmade porcelain

A Touch of Humanity

This artistry was discovered when Daniel was in high school, where he would most likely be found in the ceramics studio or at gallery openings at the Metropolitan Museum of Art. The second floor of the museum, where they keep the Chinese porcelain and the Japanese stoneware, occupied much of his time while he visited. He won the studio art prize his senior year, and went on to apprentice with my teacher Tom White in Northfield, Massachusetts and study with Mary Risley at Wesleyan University.

He went on to become a newspaper reporter, but rediscovered his passion for pottery in 2001, moving back to Berkshires with his wife and children.

"I decided life was too short not to do what I really wanted. I sat back down at the wheel and rediscovered my joy."

He established Daniel Bellow a year later. He teaches at the Great Barrington Waldorf High School and IS183 Art School of the Berkshires. In the summertime, he fires wood kilns with his friends in North Carolina.

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