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Sophisticated. Modern. Eco-Friendly.

Anywhere Fireplace™ offers a sophisticated solution for enjoying a fireplace in the modern home. Using hassle-free, eco-friendly fuel, this collection of indoor and outdoor fireplaces allows for the ambiance of real fire to be enjoyed in any space. Economical and stylish, these home accents are a perfect solution for a room that does not have the capability to host a traditional fireplace.

An Economical Luxury

These contemporary fireplace designs are ventless and burn on liquid or gel bio-ethanol fuel. They require no construction and no electrical or gas lines, making for a quick and easy installation. The required fuel is smokeless and odorless and creates no soot or ash. Releasing only water vapor and CO², the fuel is non-polluting and is an eco-friendly option for the home.

Not only eye-catching, the flames of the Anywhere Fireplace™ also heat a room up to 375 square feet. A quart of fuel will burn up to five hours, making the cost comparable to wood logs.

"Anywhere Fireplace™ is the modern answer to fireplaces. It offers sophisticated, contemporary style fireplaces that are ventless, high quality, eco-friendly, at a price within reach of everyone."

High Style. High Quality

The Anywhere Fireplace™ adds distinction to the home with the beauty of real flames. Available in tabletop, floor, and wall-mounted styles, the collection has a fireplace to suit every home.

The effortless style of the Anywhere Fireplace™ provides the perfect backdrop for a mesmerising flame. With a clean and modern shape, these functional home accessories suit a variety of home and commercial settings without detracting from the current design. The high-gloss and brushed metal finishes will remain classic throughout each season and the clean designs can remain on display in-between uses.

The recommended fuel not only burns clean, but also creates beautiful orange flames that dance in a dimly lit space. Create a picturesque ambience both indoors and out with the Anywhere Fireplace™.

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