Cognac Rouyer Authentic Vintage Poster

$ 1,675.00

Cognac Rouyer Authentic Vintage Poster

Printed in 1945, the Cognac Rouyer poster was designed after France was liberated from the Nazis but before the war was over. The style of this piece is incredibly indicative of its time—regal, strong, and stoic. The statuesque angel is reminiscent of what one would have seen in the Art Deco period of the 1920’s and 1930’s, while the spangled blue background and red lettering was purposefully used to market towards the American G.I.s who would have still be stationed in France. For a very short period of time directly after World War II, posters used pride and victory as a marketing and morale tool, the Cognac Rouyer being one of the best of them.

This piece is an authentic vintage poster from an original run. Acrylic UV Plexiglass is recommended for framing in order to preserve the artwork. Includes certificate of authenticity.


Dimensions: 47" H x 31" W.
On Linen.
Poster artist: Anonymous.
Color Lithograph printing.
Country of origin: France.
Date Printed: 1945.
Condition notes: Fine. Standard wear. Minor spotting common to this piece.

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