Armagnac Ryst Authentic Vintage Poster

$ 1,300.00

Armagnac Ryst Authentic Vintage Poster

The end of World War II and the French occupation breathed a new life into advertising as product companies could once again start creating and printing new campaigns, giving society a small slice of normality and routine as before the war started. Advertising no doubt reflected the collective conscience of society, and this Armagnac Ryst from 1946 is a perfect example of this. Its’ strong and virile, lion dominates the image, igniting a sense of pride and regality. This style of poster was only prominent for a year or two directly after the war and was quickly replaced with the bubbly, colorful, child-like style of the late 1940’s and early 1950’s, a direct reflection of society’s need to move on and recapture innocence.

This piece is an authentic vintage poster from an original run. Acrylic UV Plexiglass is recommended for framing in order to preserve the artwork. Includes certificate of authenticity.


Dimensions: 58" H x 39" W.
On Linen.
Poster artist: Anonymous.
Color Lithograph printing.
Country of origin: France.
Date Printed: 1946.
Condition notes: Fine. Standard wear.

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