Saturn Fireplace/Lantern

$ 169.99

The Anywhere Fireplace Saturn Fireplace/Lantern has a 2-in-1 design that can be used as a fireplace or a lantern. The handwoven, premium nickel plated wire and polished stainless steel design of this fireplace/lantern will make a dramatic statement whichever way you choose to use it and anywhere you will place it – indoors or out. It is ideal for formal occasions such as weddings and versatile enough to dazzle as everyday décor.

As a lantern, insert a candle into the candle holder (included) and lower it into the lantern body. Or, you can wind fairy lights in the lantern body for a unique take on a lantern. Then, flip up the handle and hang it up on a secure hook or place it on a table or floor to give the romance of a flickering candle or the magical festive sparkle of fairy lights.

This fireplace only uses 13oz Gel Fuel cans made specifically for ventless fireplaces (sold separately).


Dimensions: 13" dia x 8" H.
Materials: Stainless steel and wire.

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