Cachou Lajunie Authentic Vintage Poster by Tamagno

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Cachou Lajunie Authentic Vintage Poster by Tamagno

Qualifies for free shipping! The Cachou Lajunie Poster was designed by Francisco Tamagno, a Portuguese painter and graphic designer who was and still is considered a “master of the poster,” despite the fact that little biographical information is known.

Cachou Lajunie is a highly-pictorial poster featuring quintessential elements of the Belle Epoch period: a woman of class and elegance offers her smoking suitors a small mint, a token of her affection and practicality. Cachou Lajunie, a popular breath-mint company still around today, is just as well-known for its tiny yellow tin packaging as it is for its strong flavor.

This piece is an authentic vintage poster from an original run. Acrylic UV Plexiglass is recommended for framing in order to preserve the artwork. Includes certificate of authenticity.


Dimensions: 39" W x 51" H.
On Linen.
Poster artist: Tamagno.
Stone lithograph printing.
Country of origin: France.
Date printed: c. 1900.

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This product is Earth Friendly.

Vintage home decor is coveted for its unique character but should also be highly praised as recycled home decor. Requiring no additional manufacturing, vintage decor has a low environmental-impact and encourages reuse instead of waste. Not only will this vintage poster make a bold statement in your home, it also promotes an eco-friendly lifestyle.

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