Trovati Velvet Swing Decorative Pillow- Blue

$ 238.00

Trovati Velvet Swing Decorative Pillow- Blue

Our Velvet Ink Swing Pillow is sure to add both whim and sophistication to your decor, with a cheerful color and velvety texture. An elegant backdrop for a monochromatic color scheme or a rich base for a vivid array of colors. Blue linen backing. Made in the USA.

Expanding the boundaries of home decor, Trovati's Customized Pillows put the power of design in your hands. With a variety of sizes and patterns to choose from, you have the tools to create decor pieces to fit your personal style. Mix and match patterns for a bold and unique look.


Material: Down/feather blend insert.
Available in three sizes:
18" x 18"
20" x 20"
22" x 22"

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