Farmhouse-Inspired Wall Art from Recycled Materials

August 15, 2016

Art plays a large part in setting the tone for a room. Many homeowners choose wall art as a statement piece because it expresses their personality in ways other decorative pieces cannot. Choosing a piece of art that speaks to you makes your home feel personal and creative.

The Elizabeth Lucas Company has a unique design eye that is perfect for those who are searching for wall art that is subtle yet out of the box. The company uses recycled and natural materials to create their limited-edition prints. Recycled metal, cardboard, and barn wood make up the materials for this inspiring collection of wall art.

wall art from recycled materials
Handmade Wall Art

Part of the intrigue of original art is that no other homeowner will have the same piece as you. While this sounds ideal, not all of us have the time or funds to become art collectors. What we enjoy most about this collection of art are the handmade features that make each piece unique. Since they are made from recycled materials, each print has individual features that are exclusive to you.

wall art from recycled materials
The Style

We can picture the multi-layer prints and prints on wood in the farmhouse-inspired home. Inspired by nature, the graphics incorporate birds, plants, fruits, and flowers. These recycled materials have a soft and worn feel, which is ideal for the vintage style of farmhouse decor.

The collection of recycled metal wall art has a more of an industrial appeal. Printed on sheets of reclaimed metal, these pieces have a tougher appearance, though the cheerful prints and barn wood frame provide a good balance.

These prints make a statement both individually and in pairs. Designing a wall with two or three prints of the same material creates a complete and cohesive look.

wall art from recycled materials

Recycled home decor tells a story of past lives. Although transformed into something new, the material shows its history through marks, scratches, and dents. The Elizabeth Lucas Company sees beauty in recycled material. Not only an environmentally-sound choice, this recycled wall art is undeniably unique due to its irreplicable material.


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